Same-sex marriage failedGay Marriage is a Vote Loser: Prime Minister Cameron Regrets Forcing Marriage Redefinition [Read more]
antichristian facebookFacebook Approved Religious Harassment Needs to Stop Now -Michael Brown, PhD [More here]
Linsanity‘Linsanity’ Film Director Talks About Jeremy Lin Inspiring His Own Faith (Interview Video)
BY MORGAN LEE , CP CONTRIBUTOR | The Christian Post [More on this here
prayerSupreme Court Case Could Define Religion’s Role in Public (New SCOTUS Session Starts Next Week) -Matthew Lounsberry [More here]
sexual detoxSexual Detox [Read how] “Few Christian men indulge in porn without realizing they need to quit. The problem isn’t knowledge-it’s desire and ability. So sin prevails.”
solaScripturaSola Scriptura: Scripture Alone- Why? By Greggrey C. Cudworth| The Colson Center [7 reasons] “On this I take my stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen.”
40d14135 Babies Saved From Abortion During 40 Days for Life, So Far -by Shawn Carney [3 great stories shared]

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