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Today, Sunday, April 21st is Internet Evangelism Day and April is Digital Outreach Month. Share the gospel  by social media.

Suggested action #2: Tweet!

When the Acts 29 Network held the Gospel Tweeting Contest in 2009, participants attempted to explain the gospel in 140 characters or less.

The 95 entries showed how the Gospel could be shared with just a few words.

 The gospel in 140 characters or less.

Here are some of the entries:

22. Jesus lived the life we couldn’t live and died the death we should have died. Anyone who repents and believes in Jesus will be saved

39. God created, man corrupted, Christ redeems, reigns, and will come again.

51. God made man perfect, but man failed God and sinned. So God sent his Son to die for those sins and pay the debt we could never pay.

62. Jesus Saves Sinners. He takes our sin and we get His righteousness. We are now to follow Him and teach others what He teaches us.

82. Knowing our need, God became a man, seeking to die and rise again to save us from ourselves and give us new life to His glory.


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