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On April 6-7, 2013, The Gospel Coalition held their 2013 World Missions pre-conference, “God’s Love Compels Us.” With permission from the kind folks at TGC, I’ve put together my notes from the conference into a free eBook (.pdf format), which is now available for download.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. Don Carson: The Biblical Basis for Missions
  2. Andy Davis: Are People Without Christ Really Lost?
  3. David Platt: Why the Great Commission is Great
  4. John Piper: The heart of God in the call to proclaim
  5. Michael Oh: the individual’s suffering & the salvation of the world
  6. Stephen Um: Jesus and Justice
  7. Mack Stiles: The Ministry of Reconciliation

The conference was a tremendous blessing to attend and I trust you’ll be both encouraged and challenged by the messages included in the book. Enjoy! – Aaron Armstrong



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