hypocrisyExposing the Hypocrisy of the Culture of Death | Justin Edwards
Politicians may exploit this evil for stricter gun control. May this same evil compel Christians to wake up to the American holocaust of pre-born children. Read more…

why-jesusWhy Jesus? | Josh Fults
“Why worship Jesus? What separates Him from the thousands of other gods one might pick?”  Important question.  Read more… 

Nativity ClipThe Nativity Clip | The Bible Mini-Series
A first glimpse at the epic minseries THE BIBLE – Nativity clip from the upcoming The Bible Mini-Series From producers… Watch video…
Mayan CalendarMayans, End Times, and Eschatology | J.W. Wartick
Is it the end? The Mayans were extremely accurate in their calendar, so some people are…Read more
Good and EvilIf Good and Evil Exist, God Exists | Peter Kreeft, Boston College,
Is there such a thing as objective morality? If there is, does that suggest a moral law giver?  Watch Video
Jesus Times SquareAre the Atheists Right about Christmas? | Phillip Jensen
This Christmas the American Atheists have posted a large billboard in Times Square New York. It has two pictures: one of Santa Claus and the other of Jesus on the cross. The captions under the pictures are “Keep the Merry” and “Dump the Myth”. Read more
Letters from a SkepticFree e-Book |”Letters from a Skeptic
A Son Wrestles with His Father’s Questions about Christianity” Dr. Gregory Boyd. Download here…
All Glory be to ChristAll Glory Be to Christ | King’s Kaleidoscope

Here, from King’s Kaleidoscope, is a song worth singing on New Year’s morning. Watch Video…

Why GodNew Book:”Why God Won’t Go Away” | Alister McGrath
Is the New Atheism Running on Empty? Spirited rebuttal to the New Atheist… Review or Buy book
 JJ Heller Who You AreWho You Are | JJ Heller

Just released music lyric video by J.J. Heller. Published on Dec 20, 2012. “I don’t know what you are doing God, but I know Who You are.” Download this song and 7 others for free from http://www.jjheller.com through 12/31/12. Watch Video…


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