gay marriageA Few Things to Consider Before Supporting Gay Marriage | Kevin DeYoung | The Gospel Coalition
I’ve heard it many times. Last week was only the most recent. A pundit on the radio opined that opposing gay marriage is “Neanderthal” because he believes, “people should be able to marry whoever they want.”  Read Post

good and evilA Pastoral Response to the Newtown Massacre | John MacArthur | Grace to You
Prior to his sermon this past Sunday morning, John MacArthur made some comments about the school shooting in Connecticut last Friday. His words helped put the tragedy into spiritual context for us in the congregation, and we know they’ll be an encouragement to you as well. Listen to this 5-minute clip: Listen

Morality and EvilMorality and the ‘Problem of Evil’ | Dr. Michael J. Kruger |
Dr. Kruger responds to Dr. Bart Erhman’s book “Jesus Interrupted” in which Erhman condemns principles in the Bible as being immoral without defining where he gets his morality from. Watch Video 

Man vs. ChimpCommon Descent or Common Design? | Melissa | Hard-core Christianity
A high degree of genetic similarity has often been touted by evolutionists as incontrovertible proof for the common ancestry of humans and chimps. SIDE NOTE: Did you know that humans bear a 33% genetic similarity to daffodils? But, as anthropologist Jonathan Marks so eloquently puts it, “There are hardly any comparisons you can make to a daffodil in which humans are 33% similar. Read Article 

virgin birthIs the Virgin Birth Really Predicted in the Old Testament? | Joel J. Miller  | Patheos
Did the Old Testament prophet Isaiah actually predict that Mary would conceive Christ while still a virgin? The Septuagint, the pre-Christian Greek translation of the Jewish Scriptures, took the Hebrew word almah, which can mean both young woman and virgin, and rendered it parthenos, which more explicitly and exclusively denotes virginity. Read Text

Through the Eyes of CH SpurgeonNew Book: Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon | Stephen McCaskell | Lucid Books
Stephen McCaskell has poured through the huge volume of material produced by Spurgeon and extracted out some of the most poignant and impactful.  Quotes are organized by topic and scripture reference, e.g. “I know that I have no perfection in my best things, much less in my worst.” – A Plain Man’s Sermon, Volume 32, Sermon #1879 – Leviticus 22:21 Review Book Buy Book

abortionEarly Christianity on Abortion | Stan | Winging It
Now, I’ve heard it said that this whole “pro-life” thing (expressed by opponents as “anti-abortion”) is a modern-day phenomenon and didn’t have any basis in historical Christianity. As it turns out, this isn’t true at all. The Didache was quite clear. Clement of Alexandria (circa 150-215 AD) wrote against it in his Paedagogus (Book 2) as well as Tertullian (circa 125-225 AD). Read Post

Age of the earth

Is the Age of the Earth a ‘Side’ Issue? | Jake Hebert, Ph.D.| Institute for Christian Research
But young people can quickly discern intellectual inconsistency, and it is transparently inconsistent to claim to believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and also accept an idea of “millions of years” that is not even hinted at in Scripture. This glaring inconsistency may actually make children question Christianity more—not less. Read Article

Christmas Flash MobChristmas FLASH Mob | Journey of Faith.
It is what we all want to do in the mall. Guarantee it will make you smile. Watch Video

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