John MacArthur on Islam and the Antichrist | John MacArthur | Grace to You
Most people think of Islam as an utterly distinct religion with no connection to Christianity. In this video excerpt you will hear an excellent comparison of the obvious converse parallelism of Islamic eschatology from the Koran Surahs (written 600 years after the birth of Christ and long after the canonization of scripture) with the Book of Revelation. Watch Video

Top Five Myths Christians Often Believe About Intelligent Design | Melissa Cain Travis | Hard-Core Christianity
There are few things more frustrating than hearing the same misconceptions over and over again, particularly when they directly relate to the subject you’ve devoted your education and career to. Intelligent Design theory suffers this plight, even at the hands of Christians who freely criticize it without doing their homework. Read Post

Mormons & Mormonism |Tim Challies |
Listen to the Connected Kingdom podcast with ex-Mormon and now Christian author Latayne Scott. She answers questions including: How did you become a Mormon? How were you converted to Christ? Is Mormonism a cult? Can a Christian vote for Mitt Romney? What are the changes in and challenges to Mormonism? Listen

Struggling? …With Faith Or With Sin? | R. A. Douthitt | The Christian Post
For me, the issue wasn’t about doubt, but about obedience. I grew tired of being obedient all the time. So, I put down God’s word and walked away feeling like I already knew everything there was to know about Jesus and the Bible. I was ready to experience college and life and, well,…anything that came my way! Read Post

25 Marks of a Backslidden Christian | Joe Thorn |
But even if we acknowledge that we remain sinners and can find ourselves in a dangerous spiritual state, do we know what such a state really looks like? I’m not so sure. Some liken it to big public failure, and this leaves them thinking they are safe when in fact they may be in a very bad way. Read Post

Are We Reaching a Consensus that Evolution is Past its Prime? | Doug Axe | Biologic Institute
I’m surprised at how quickly Darwinists have abandoned any claim that evolution is a powerful process at work today, retreating to the position that its power is a thing of the past. The convenience of that stance, of course, is that it enables them to insist that natural selection was a powerful mechanism without committing themselves to the more risky proposition that it still is. Read Post

10 Reasons Why the Government is Wrong to Redefine Marriage | Coalition for Marriage |
In this downloadable .PDF from C4M are listed 10 myths about the promotion of homosexual marriage. The Coalition for Marriage (C4M) is an umbrella group of individuals and organisations in the UK that support traditional marriage and oppose any plans to redefine it. Read or Download .PDF

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“It just makes sense…”

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  • Charlotte

    Really great articles this week! The backsliding one was a needed reminder, and the one on faith vs. sin was so well put!

    • SiftingPoint

      Thank you. We all need reminders that the battles in this life that we observe are also the ones we experience to some degree. We must always be “paddling”, 2.P3.18. or we will end up “downstream” in our walk with the Lord.

  • K.K.H.

    A great selection of pointers! The article by Doug Axe about evolution, the 25 marks of a backslidden Christian, and the article and video are especially good. Thanks!

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