The Redistribution of Wealth | Tim Challis |
Is it right that the wealthy should have wealth taken from them and given to those who have less? Is there anything fundamentally wrong with some having more than others? Read Post

From Conception, a Human | J.W. Wartick |
It is important for those on either side of the abortion debate to be informed. One part of that is to realize there are some really, really bad arguments out there. The argument that the unborn is merely a “blob of cells” or “human tissue” is one such argument. Simply put, if one makes this argument they are not on the side of scientific facts. Read Post

Missing Transitional Fossils in the Hominid Fossil Record |ENV Podcast |
While popular media often reports that the fossil record is complete and conclusive, the technical scientific literature reveals this to be false. In actuality, human-like fossils and ape-like fossils are clearly distinct from one another, and the so-called transitional fossil record is highly fragmented. Listen

Justification and Imputed Righteousness | R.C. Sproul | Ligonier
In this 5 minute video watch a classic R.C. Sproul talk, with his blackboard, on the definition of justification, Old Testament imagery and New Testament application.  Double imputation at the point of salvation is explained.  Watch and understand this key truth in salvation by grace alone. Watch Video

Evidence Homosexuality is Not Genetic | Gene Veith |
So in plain English, the best contemporary scientific findings are that when one identical twin brother is gay, the probabilities of the second twin being gay are approximately 10%. This suggests that the contribution of genetics to the determination of homosexual orientation is modest at best. Read Post

“Help Me Understand.” Tips for Talking to Teacher | Eric Metaxas |
If you’re the parent of a public school child, you may be wondering what challenges your children will face at school when it comes to their faith and values. It’s important that you know what values your children are exposed to in school. At some point you may need to talk to your children’s teachers about a concern you have about a classroom activity or reading selection. Read or Listen

Freed from the Prison of Why | Tullian Tchividjian | Liberate
There’s no doubt, the Why questions of suffering are utterly perplexing. And as we search the Scriptures and consider stories such as Job’s, we are tempted to see those as worst-case scenarios designed to help us get our heads straight in relation to our comparatively small “first world” problems.  Read Post

Debating Darwin and Design: Science or Creationism? | Joshua Gidney |
Is Intelligent Design science or ‘creationism in a cheap tuxedo?‘ In this part of the discussion, I will argue that ID is indeed a legitimate scientific theory and will attempt to defend it against claims to the contrary. I will also attempt to defend it against the common accusation that it is synonymous with biblical creationism. Read Article

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